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"My students who have worked with Kristen return to our classroom feeling valued, loved and EXCITED about speech therapy.  They SO look forward to the next time they get to "hang out" with her!  She is able to make SO much progress with her students, and all the while they just think they're having fun!  I HIGHLY recommend S.T.O.P.!"

"Kristen is hands down the best SLP I've ever met and worked with.  Her enthusiasm and care is unmatched and we feel very blessed to know her."


"Mrs. Bowling was wonderful with my son, who struggles with pragmatics.  She helped him find a confidence that he had never felt before.  I love how Mrs. Bowling supports her students in a nurturing, professional manner."


"Best speech teacher ever! She took a nonverbal child at 3 years old and within 4 weeks she was talking.  Now we can't shut her up thanks to this awesome lady."


"Mrs. Bowling is the best.  She is patient and loving."


"Having a child with a speech delay can be very isolating.  I felt as though someone had pressed pause on our family, while the rest of the world kept on going around us.  I watched my son getting left behind while his peers compared toys and stories.  He was a happy boy, and seemed to understand everything we said, but when he wasn't speaking at three years old, I began to feel hopeless.  My days still consisted of "Are you hungry? Milk or water?" - The guessing games, all day, every day.  And I would inevitably guess wrong, and my sweet boy grew more frustrated.  Our days were filled with screams from him, and many tears from me.  Enter Kristen Bowlling-- From our first meeting I knew I would love her, and that she would see in my son what I wanted everyone else to see--that there was a loving, happy, eager little boy in there waiting to unlock the power of communication.  We saw progress within a couple of weeks.  It seemed too good to be true.  He had gone from a vocaulary of 3-4 words to finally, finally communicating with us.  As his vocabulary widened, Ms. Bowling worked with him to ensure correct articulation of his new found sounds.  She helped me understand what to work on at home, and how to reinforce the things she was teaching him.  While so many people had been dismissive of my concerns, I finally felt like there was someone fighting alongside me.  Someone who wanted us to know we weren't alone, and that with the proper techniques and expertise, we would get past our pause.  It's been a year since we sought out her sevices, and you would never know that at his evaluation 9 months ago, he wasn't using 15 words.  He is now a 3.9 year old who never, ever stops talking.  I welcomed a 3rd child in December right as he was becoming a really effective communicator.  To think, I had worried I would feel like I had 2 babies, but the play button got pressed just in time.  If I encounter another delay, I won't waste 3 years hoping it is normal.  Seeking evaluation and treatment is life changing.  I am so grateful that our paths crossed with Kristen Bowling because she is a truly special practitioner with a passion for what she does."


"Mrs. Bowling was an answer to prayer for our family.  Our son had struggled to speak since birth.  Mrs. Bowling is exceedingly patient and positive and had many creative ways to encourage him to speak as well as fun ways to help correct some speech patterns he had developed which wer incorrect.  He finally started to not just make sounds and grunt and point, but to try and say actual words and that was a massive milestone!  She helped him find his words and figure out a way to pronounce and express them.  She offered continueal support and encouragement to us as parents and our son became very bonded to her.  He is now 7 1/2 and she remains one of his "favoriet adults" and is still an influential and important grown-up in his life.  She is a kind and bright therapist and her students matter a great deal to her!  We love Mrs. Bowling!"


"Our family is SO THANKFUL for Mrs. Bowling! Her patience, positivity, and knowledge helped our son tremendously over the past year. We are amazed by his progress! Mrs. Bowling's nurturing personality made our son feel safe and comfortable trying new things. We couldn't be happier! Anyone can see that she truly loves her students. We highly recommend her speech therapy services!"

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